Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mawson Works at the Bookstore

Actually, Mawson came and hung out with me at the bookstore on Monday, but I have just been really lazy lately. This week at my 2nd job has been tough and the odd hours are just catching up with me-but Mawson had a good time at the bookstore. He helped with the phone, some computer stuff, stocking the shelves with Spanish books, and even packing up some boxes to be returned. He was an AWESOME helper, and I'd say he could come and help out any time he wants. Unfortunately, I do not have the pictures on this computer that I using, so they will be uploaded at a later date.

*Pictures Added*

Machida on the Computer

Machida on the Phone

Machida Shelving Spanish Books

Machida Organizing Markers

Machida Shipping Boxes

Once again, Mawson is free to come to work and help me out anytime!

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