Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today (May 18, 2008), we went to Pointfest. It's a concert put on by the local radio station, 105.7 the Point. This year was a little disappointing and the band I wanted to see most was placed on a secondary stage. So, even though we had awesome seat tickets, I only used them once just to see how close I would have been. Mawson still had a good time-even though we mostly walked around in the parking lot stage area. (: He was pretty amazed at our awesome seats too, but like me, was just as disappointed that we had to be so far away from the real action in the parking lot stage. However, we did get awesomely close to the band (Coheed and Cambria) for autographs!

(Sorry for crappy pictures. According to the website digital cameras were not allowed at the show, so I didn't bring mine. Unfortunately for me, it looked like everyone else brought theirs! I was mad.)

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